Dr Darren Saunders

Our research is focused on proteostasis and metabolic reprogramming in cancer and neurodegeneration, integrating various platforms (including proteomics, genomics, and metabolomics) to better understand genotype-phenotype relationships. I have a long-standing interest in protein homeostasis (proteostasis), publishing numerous manuscripts providing mechanistic insights into serpin biology and the Ubiquitin-proteasome system, with more recent work aimed at characterising novel mutations involved in protein misfolding and Ub systems in various disease states. I developed a novel platform for screening protein-protein interactions in situ, and novel proteomics approaches to systematically identify E3 Ub ligase substrates and for exploring interactome diversity in cell signalling. We use a number of models systems including patient-derived iPS cells, patient derived tumour xenografts and transgenic models of cancer and neurodegeneration. I am also collaborating to develop creative technology-based approaches to visualizing and communicating complex data, using music to explore the intersection between genetics and environment.

I am an active science communicator, makes regular radio and TV appearances, and contributions to print and online media. I developed and presented the Cancer in the Community education campaign targeting rural/regional Australia and contribute to policy development through the Australia2050 and Future Earth Australia projects.

Broad Research Areas: 
Cancer; Cell Biology and Gene Regulation; Biochemistry; Genetics - Genome Analysis; Biochemistry

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