Dr Ivan Topisirovic

Ivan Topisirovic obtained M.D. and Ph.D. at the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia in Dr. Romac’s lab. During his postdoc in Drs. Borden's and Sonenberg's labs, he studied the mechanisms of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression and mTOR-dependent mRNA translation, respectively. In 2011, he became a Principal Investigator at the Lady Davis Institute, McGill University. Topisirovic published ~ 75 manuscripts in journals such as Genome Res, Cell Metabolism, NRDD and Science. Based on these accomplishments, he secured significant competitive funds (>2.8 million CAD). He is a recipient of several awards including Governor General Award for Leukemia Research, CIHR Young Investigator Award and a Honorary Member of the Serbian Society for Molecular Biology. Topisirovic's current research focuses on uncovering the differences between the mechanisms that coordinate translatomes and metabolomes in normal versus cancer cells, with the aim to identify therapeutically exploitable metabolic vulnerabilities of neoplasia.  




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