Professor Chris Proud

Professor Chris Proud has held numerous positions as lecturer, reader or professor in universities in the UK, Germany and Canada. When he first established his own laboratory at The University of Kent, his research focused on studying the signalling pathways that regulate protein synthesis in mammalian cells. At the University of Dundee, alongside his duties as Head of the Division of Molecular Physiology, he also coordinated the Medical Research Council Nutrient Sensing & Signalling Research Group. Chris worked at the University of Southampton from 2008 – 2014 where he led a substantial research team studying the mechanisms which control protein synthesis and ribosome biogenesis. He studied their roles in metabolic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disorders, and in normal and disease-associated neurological processes. In September 2014 Chris moved to Adelaide to take the position of Theme Leader: Nutrition and Metabolism at the SAHMRI, where he will continue his work on the control of protein metabolism in health and disease. Chris is also a Professor in Molecular and Biomedical Science at the University of Adelaide. Chris is a member of the Editorial Boards of the Biochemical Journal, f1000 Research and Translation. He holds a Visiting Professorship at China Ocean University in Qingdao. His research at SAHMRI focuses on the roles of controlling protein synthesis in cancer cells and in neurological processes; the regulation of protein synthesis in heart and muscle; and the molecular mechanisms involved in obesity, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

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